lunes, 23 de febrero de 2015

Smokers to face one more ban

I remember, some years ago, people could smoke in bars and public places but nowadays this is impossible. Now, if you go to a bar or restaurant, for example, you don’t see people smoking, and this is because the government imposed a law that smokers can’t smoke in public spaces.

There are many people who agree with this law because it was annoying that you go to a restaurant to enjoy with your family or friends and you had to cope the smoke snuff. I hate this and I hate people who smoke next to you without asking you if you care they smoke in front of you. Actually, I hate the tobacco because you pay to get it and it kills you.

In the latest years electronic cigarettes that don't emit smoke have appeared, they emit vapor with different smells. Many people think that it can’t be used in public spaces, but I think that they don’t cause the same damage as normal cigarettes. There are many restaurants that has banned the use of this kind of cigarettes. But there are many different opinions about about this issue.

All in all, the law of ban smoke in public spaces is the best thing that the government has been done. The people enjoy in bars, restaurants, museums… without anybody smoking next to them. It is more complicated when we deal with electronic cigarettes.

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