viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015


"The big bottle" is a party that breaks out without anybody planning it in advance. Many young people are for it, but most the adults are against for many rasons.

I think, "the big bottle" is a good idea because young people can enjoy the party drinking and meeting people without wasting much money. In this kind of parties you make many friends. It is not necessery to drink alcohol to go to "the big bottle", you can dance or talk unless you want to drink spirits.

However, there are many people, especially adults, who are against "the big bottle" This is because when the meeting finishes, all the streets are full of litter. The also camplain because there is too much noise and neighbours can't sleep. But normally, "the big bottle" is celebrated when the city is on party.

To sum up, "the big bottle" is a good ide, because teenagers can enjoy with their friends, but I think people should be cleaner. I also think that teenagers under fourteen or fifteen years shouldn't drink alcoholic drinks in "big bottles"

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