jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

Computers, artificial intelligence...Be careful!

Nowadays, writing in a computer or a mobile phone, for example, is more and more common. People use the new technologies to write because it can be much easier. Although this can have many advantages, but it has also got some disadvantages.

On the one hand, writing in a computer has advantages because you can write faster with the keyboard, you will save more time than handwriting. Nowadays, the most of the people use new technologies and they usually want you to hand in the documents typed. This is good because there won't be any misunderstandings with your handwriting.

On the other hand, not everything is positive. Writing with a computer has some disadvantages as it is the case when you haven't got a computer, it is impossible that you write with it! There are people that don’t like the new technologies or they don’t know how to use it and they don't want to make such an effort or simply they won’t write with a computer.

In general, typing on your computer has many advantages and I think it is better for the reasons that I’ve written and many more. However, everybody doesn't think so and there could be many people that hate typing with a new technology.

lunes, 23 de febrero de 2015

Smokers to face one more ban

I remember, some years ago, people could smoke in bars and public places but nowadays this is impossible. Now, if you go to a bar or restaurant, for example, you don’t see people smoking, and this is because the government imposed a law that smokers can’t smoke in public spaces.

There are many people who agree with this law because it was annoying that you go to a restaurant to enjoy with your family or friends and you had to cope the smoke snuff. I hate this and I hate people who smoke next to you without asking you if you care they smoke in front of you. Actually, I hate the tobacco because you pay to get it and it kills you.

In the latest years electronic cigarettes that don't emit smoke have appeared, they emit vapor with different smells. Many people think that it can’t be used in public spaces, but I think that they don’t cause the same damage as normal cigarettes. There are many restaurants that has banned the use of this kind of cigarettes. But there are many different opinions about about this issue.

All in all, the law of ban smoke in public spaces is the best thing that the government has been done. The people enjoy in bars, restaurants, museums… without anybody smoking next to them. It is more complicated when we deal with electronic cigarettes.

domingo, 15 de febrero de 2015

Mobile phones for children, good or bad?

Nowadays, children get a phone earlier and earlier. This can have problems although some parents think that the use of mobile phones is good and their children will be safer with them. This situation is very different from the one we had some years ago when the children had got a phone when they were teenagers.

The use of the mobile phones is dangerous especially if children use it. Phones emit RF, which is very dangerous for the human brain, but they are more dangerous for a child brain because it is forming and the RF interferes in the development. This is one of the problems of the mobile phones, but there are some more, for example, it can produce cancer.

Some people think that it is good for a child to have a mobile phone just in case he or she has an accident, the child could phone the police, for example. But from my point of view it is only an excuse to give a child a mobile just for fun.

Mobile phones are very dangerous and I'd never give them to a child who is under fourteen years old. People aren't aware of the problems that they can cause because they are long-term, but a few years later the problems will be visible.

viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015


"The big bottle" is a party that breaks out without anybody planning it in advance. Many young people are for it, but most the adults are against for many rasons.

I think, "the big bottle" is a good idea because young people can enjoy the party drinking and meeting people without wasting much money. In this kind of parties you make many friends. It is not necessery to drink alcohol to go to "the big bottle", you can dance or talk unless you want to drink spirits.

However, there are many people, especially adults, who are against "the big bottle" This is because when the meeting finishes, all the streets are full of litter. The also camplain because there is too much noise and neighbours can't sleep. But normally, "the big bottle" is celebrated when the city is on party.

To sum up, "the big bottle" is a good ide, because teenagers can enjoy with their friends, but I think people should be cleaner. I also think that teenagers under fourteen or fifteen years shouldn't drink alcoholic drinks in "big bottles"